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J&B Specialty Designs proudly brings you The Game Changer. The Game Changer allows you to connect/stack any two AvidLyfe mods together that have a STANDARD TOP HAT and BUTTON. The Game Changer will not damage or trunk your threads! Every Game Changer includes two magnets for your batteries. The Game Changer is made out of high grade brass and state of the art equipment. Connect Able to Able, Gyre to Gyre, Time Keeper to Time Keeper, mix it up and stack a Time Keeper on top of a Gyre, do whatever stack you can imagine as long as its with a AvidLyfe mod that has a standard top hat and button. Get yours now and let the AvidLyfe game be changed by The Game Changer!


The best way to use the game changer is to screw in the longer end into the mod that you want to stack on top (so where the button goes) and then screw in the remaining threading into the top of the mod that you want on the bottom of the stack (where the top hat would go)

*For wholesale orders, please email us at jandbspecialtydesigns@gmail.com*

****Disclaimer: J&B Specialty Designs is not affiliated with AvidLyfe, we are our own LLC. J&B Specialty Designs is not responsible for any risks taken using The Game Changer. We recommend this for advanced users only. Whatever you use The Game Changer for is at your own discretion. No returns****©

*Please be advised*

Our work is on file with the US. Copyright Office as well as on file with the International PCT office. The work has a paid license and is protected by multiple patents.©

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The Game Changer

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